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It goes without saying that electric vehicles are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. Whether you've recently bought an EV or are considering the additional costs of ownership, the purchase of electric vehicle supple equipment (EVSE, or commonly referred to as a car charger or charging station) will be necessary to fully benefit from your investment. EVSE's come in a variety of shapes, designs and with a number of different features. When buying a new EV, your dealer will often include a recommended EVSE with the sale of the vehicle. Other times you just need an additional EVSE out of convenience. Many homeowners looking to sell are also noticing that adding an EVSE will increase the appeal to buyers, even if they don't own an EV themselves.

No matter your situation, Amp Electric will help you ensure your home is EV ready.

Why do I need an Electrician?

All electric vehicles require a considerable amount of power to charge in any reasonable time. There are two common type of EVSEs:

Level 1: This 120-volt, 2400W charging system will provide up to 5 miles of range per hour of charge, at best. A level 1 charging system utilizes a standard outlet and can usually be plugged into the nearest receptacle. This system is also relatively compact and reasonable to keep in the trunk of you EV, just in case. But you wouldn't typically rely on this system to maintain your vehicles' charge.

Level 2: These are 240-volt with adjustable wattage control providing charging closer to 20 miles of range per hour of charge. These systems strike the ideal balance of charge rate to maximize your EV's battery lifespan. They also require a dedicated circuit, typically around 50A. It is important that a circuit of this capacity is installed properly as the higher wattage will carry greater consequences and risk of damage or even fire.

To ensure your new EVSE is installed properly, hire Amp Electric.

Amp Electric is your EV charging solution provider.

You know that “Qualified Technician” that your installation instructions say to use?

→ Thats Us.

Pay over time.

Take the edge off of your new investment by spreading out the payment over time. Financing options range from "pay in four" to 18 months with no interest, subject to credit approval.

Working with your budget.

Amp Electric is committed to providing the service you need within your budget. Our technicians will provide the ultimate transparency on-site and work with you to cater our service based on your budget.

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